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The DyeOx is suitable for virtually all synthetic fabrics and yarn. From woven to non-woven and knits, CO2 dyes various fabric constructions and types of permeability. The rule of thumb is, as long as CO2 can penetrate, we can dye it. Thanks to the low viscosity of CO2 and the strong affinity between CO2 and polyester fibers, we can dye an incredibly wide range of synthetic fibers.


Our technology uses pure dyes. By closely collaborating with dyestuff- and chemical suppliers we are constantly improving and customizing our dyes and expanding the colour range, creating new dyes compatible with CO2-dyeing. We are able to create unique vibrant colour results with excellent quality characteristics.

We have partnership with leading dye- and chemical suppliers such as Colourtex, DyStar®, Huntsman and Archroma. More information on their product ranges suitable for CO2 dyeing can be found by using below links.


Colourtex offers Coranger dyes. This is an exclusive range of colors for super critical Carbon Dioxide dyeing of polyester. The partnership between Colourtex and DyeCoo is established in 2000. The Coranger range is the first range of commercial dyes suitable for CO2 dyeing.
Quote dr. Pankaj Desai: “While the ultimate environmental impact of this innovation cannot yet be quantified at this stage, the use in textile processing of SCF – super critical fluids – has set the industry on a greener, more environmentally sustainable path”.

Company information: http://colourtex.co.in/
Product range: pdf colorcard


Our R&D team is dedicated to improve and optimize the DyeCoo process. We have yet to discover the limits of CO2-technology. Although we have already mastered the technology to a scale and level that guarantees technical excellence and industrial use, we are constantly exploring new possibilities by fine-tuning each individual step of our process. This not only improves quality, but also the versatility, enabling us to provide tailor-made solutions and custom programs, optimizing settings for specific materials.