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Adidas applies DryDye technology to its Prime T Range

Jun 1, 2013 | News

June 2013 – Herzogenaurach, Germany. Just one year after the introduction of DryDye, a breakthrough sustainable technology that altogether eliminates the need for water in the dyeing process, adidas announces additional water savings by utilizing this technology in its Prime T-shirt range.

The expanded use of DryDye marks an important step in adidas’ continuing efforts to save water. By using pressurized carbon dioxide in place of traditional water, this technology allows water savings of 25L per tshirt. Since introducing DryDye in 2012, adidas has produced 1 million yards of DryDye fabric. The use of this DryDye technology has resulted in a saving of over 25 million litres of water,* the equivalent to 10 Olympic sized swimming pools, in just one year. In addition to completely eliminating the need for water in the dyeing process, DryDye technology use 50% less energy and 50% fewer chemicals than traditional dyeing methods.

Dress to save water

One of the main products utilizing the DryDye technology is the adidas Prime T shirt line. The Prime T is priced at €25 and is available in multiple global markets. adidas is presently expanding this technology to include other product ranges across multiple sports categories.

The global DryDye initiative is part of the adidas Better Place program, a collaboration of people and processes determined to do better for the world, globally and locally. It includes internal collaborations to bring sustainable innovations to adidas products and external projects to help improve local communities via grassroots activities, framed by the power of sports.